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Michel Andrade

Michel Andrade was born in Reno, Nevada, but lived most of her life in San Diego, California. As a child she remembers being inspired by color and texture, so she decided in her mid twenties to pursue her passion. She enrolled in fashion design school at FIDM in Los Angeles, with an emphasis on textile design. After a short stint in the fashion industry and costume design at the famous Lambs Players Theatre, she felt called to paint. Experimenting by using her hands and other applicators, chemicals and compounds to get vivid color and subtle textures. She discovered her voice through this process and has continued to mix mediums, oil and wax on wood panels. She has also enjoyed teaching her techniques and encouraging other inspiring artists to find their voice with color and texture.

With over a decade of private and public showings in San Diego and a loyal following, she continues her joyful journey of expressing emotion through color and texture in her expressionist paintings, now in Columbia Tennessee.