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Monika Krzakiewicz

Monika Krzakiewicz studied at Lower Silesia University in Poland and received her diploma in art with a concentration in painting and a second diploma in art with a concentration in drawing. Her artistry encompasses the portrayal of the female form, portraits, nature, and a series of nudes. She has authored series including “Waiting”, “La bella noeva”, “La jole de vivre”, and “Primavera”. Her work invites viewers into a world of beauty, symbolism and storytelling with elements in her paintings, such as: apples – a symbol of temptation and sin but also a symbol of fertility, magnolias a symbol of women’s fertility and purity, and birds symbolizing freedom and peace. Monika also finds inspiration in dance as she authored a series about ballerinas in a clear reference to Edgar Degas. Her art has been featured in numerous international group and solo exhibitions and can be found in private collections, both in her home country of Poland and abroad.