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Shirley Lewis

Shirley’s love of creating came at an early age. She learned many of her techniques from the time she spent with her depression-era grandmother, making artistic statements from items found around the house. Working with various mediums (including various inks, pastels, charcoal and watercolors) over the past 27 years, she has developed a unique way to manipulate ink and color movement, using traditional and non-traditional artistic tools.

Interpreting nature in its various spectrums, Shirley’s paintings and the techniques used allow the colors to organically blend and take their flowing shapes on canvas and paper. Each piece is a uniquely crafted journey into her world of colors…vibrant, but subtle, always peaceful.

With spontaneous composition, each painting creates magnificent imagery. The looseness in the process demands a layering of complex colors, yet the results are intended. Her work has been placed in homes from Paris to Miami.

Shirley resides in Birmingham, Alabama with her family.